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Rubberwood Kids’ Furniture

Rubberwood, often referred to as parawood or plantation hardwood, is a type of wood produced from the rubber tree and used to produce natural rubber in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brazil. Because the majority of these trees are cultivated in rubber plantations that are created from reclaimed rubber, they are one of the most environmentally friendly woods on the planet. When the trees no longer produce latex sap, which is used to make rubber, they are cut down for useable hardwood timber and new rubber trees are planted in their place. Rubberwood is a sustainable forest product since it is produced from plantation-grown trees. The result is a long-lasting, attractive, and exotic hardwood that can be used to make a variety of furniture, including children’s items.

Rubberwood is a distant relative of our domestic maple, from which much of our finest hardwood kid’s toys and furniture are manufactured. It should be classified as a moderately hard wood that is softer than maple, oak, and birch, but harder than black cherry, ash, and teak.Rubberwood has a greater density and durability than softwood such as pine or fir, which is common in hardwoods.

The first piece of rubberwood furniture we purchased was a dining room table and chairs made in Malaysia, which we bought when our children were quite young, about 20 years ago. The beautiful, aged interlocking design will complement any d├ęcor. The traditional dark red background surrounds a raised center with gold accents. There is no denying the timeless appeal of this high-quality rubberwood item. We are confident that this same furniture set will be utilized in retirement and subsequently given to one of our children. The only snag with our rubberwood furniture is who among the kids will get to enjoy it. Rubberwood furniture is a wonderful way to preserve cherished moments for future generations.

Cleaning and caring for rubberwood furniture is identical to that of other hardwood furniture. Here are some ideas for preserving your furniture looking brand new for a long time. Rubberwood furnishings should be kept dry and spills must be dealt with as soon as possible. Leave your furniture out of the way of humidifiers, cooling and heating ducts, and direct sunshine for extended periods. Instead of placing wet or hot things directly on your furniture, use coasters, hot pads, and pot holders. The following measures will assist keep the look of your furniture finish while also protecting the beauty of your rubberwood product.

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